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Dermal fillers are incredibly versatile and create beautiful results. In the hands of skilled practitioners like the team at Northshore Dermatology, residents of Slidell, Madisonville, Hammond, Louisiana, and Picayune, Mississippi, have access to the very best dermal filler treatments. Book online for a fast and easy option, or you can always call to check appointment availability. 

Fillers Q&A

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are a type of injectable treatment designed to replace lost facial volume and enhance volume to refine facial contouring. They are among the most popular medical aesthetic treatments available.

During your younger years, a thick layer of collagen creates more rounded facial contouring. Over time, you lose much of that natural padding, leaving your skin to sag and fall into wrinkles, lines, and folds.

Considerable time and effort go into researching which treatments to introduce to Northshore Dermatology. The practice is proud to offer dermal fillers from the Juvéderm® family of products. Juvéderm is an industry leader with a strong track record of creating safe and effective filler products.

Many dermal fillers are created using synthetic hyaluronic acid. Your body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, which plays a role in maintaining plump, hydrated skin. When injected into the deeper layers of skin, dermal fillers create soft, rounded contouring.  

What kinds of issues can dermal fillers improve?

Juvedérm offers a number of different dermal filler formulations. Each is designed for use in a specific area of the face. Thicker formulations are great for adding volume to the mid-face, which can lift sagging skin at your jawline.

Thicker fillers are also well suited for plumping nasolabial folds. These are the lines running from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth. 

Thinner formulations are great for smoothing lines and wrinkles around your eyes and lips. There are even fillers created for plumping your lips or smoothing the skin on the backs of your hands.

How do fillers work in a liquid facelift?

The term “liquid facelift” refers to a combination of dermal fillers and Botox® treatments. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, these treatments can create a more rounded, softer facial appearance with minimal lines and wrinkles.

A liquid facelift can last for many months. As the effects begin to wear off, you can return to the office for additional Botox treatments or dermal filler injections. 

When you’re ready to learn more about how dermal fillers can help you reach your aesthetic goals, call the office to schedule a visit or book online in just a few clicks.