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Introducing Northshore Dermatology's Customized Peels!

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We are excited to announce our new Tabor brand of peels!

Are you a peel person? Now is the time to slough your skin off and prepare for the springtime glow!

We now offer our very own brand of peels, and they are incredible! While we can customize to meet your specific needs, in general we carry these 4 peels:

Tabor Clear- this is an acne peel. Can be used on adolescents and teens, and can be repeated every 4 weeks. Price is $125 per peel.

Tabor Illuminate- this peel is good for fine lines, wrinkles and to brighten the skin from within. Can be done in a series of 3, each spaced 6 weeks apart. Start now! Price is $340 per peel.

Tabor Renew- this is the change your life peel! Perfect for moderate to severe melasma and other forms of hyperpigmentation. Can only be done once a year. Price is $998 per peel.

We also continue to offer the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance as the perfect lunchtime peel. No downtime, just gives you a gorgeous red carpet glow with minimal to no peeling. Can be repeated severy 2 weeks. Price is $125 per peel.

Reach out today to make an appointment!