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4 Signs That It’s Time To Refresh Your Juvederm Filler

4 Signs That It’s Time To Refresh Your Juvederm Filler
If your filler seems to be looking less voluminous than it used to, you may simply be a little past due for a retreatment appointment. This is normal!

If your filler seems to be looking less voluminous than it used to, you may simply be a little past due for a retreatment appointment. This is normal! After all, filler is a temporary treatment—though how long it lasts depends on the exact filler type—and retreatment is essential for maintaining desired results. 

1. Visible Lines and Wrinkles

If your smile lines of yesteryear seem much more noticeable than they were after you were treated in your nasolabial folds (either with JUVÉDERM® VOLLURE® XC or JUVÉDERM® ULTRA XC), or those vertical lip lines seem to be returning after you were treated with JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® XC, chances are it might be time to re-up. Unsure? Consider looking at photos of yourself from the days to weeks after your last JUVÉDERM® appointment to compare. 

2. Previously plump areas look deflated

If your pout isn’t looking particularly plump anymore, there’s a good chance your lip filler has faded. Similarly, if your cheeks do not appear as lifted, it could be time for another appointment. Again—photos could be a useful starting point. Ultimately, though, only a JUVÉDERM® provider like Dr. Tabor, Kristin, or Melanie will be able to determine whether it’s time to get retreated.

3. Your Makeup Sets Differently

If blush, bronzer, lipstick, and the like are part of your routine, you may notice you’ve started using more blush to highlight your cheekbones, or find that your lip gloss quantities have shifted as your lip filler has worn off. While makeup definitely complements filler (and the appearance of your face in general), a potential sign and easy way to recognize that your filler may have worn off is simply how you’re using cosmetics differently to get the look you want.

4. Your last filler appointment was over a year ago

Several JUVÉDERM® fillers have been studied to last up to one year with optimal treatment. (Be sure to confirm the duration of the filler you were treated with, as they all vary slightly. For example, JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® XC has been shown to last up to two years in the cheeks with optimal treatment.) Generally speaking, if it’s been over a year since your last appointment, it may be time to see us again for retreatment. Ultimately, only your providers will be able to determine whether it’s time for retreatment. (We can also let you know if/when you should come in for that follow-up, or “touch-base” appointment we mentioned above. It could be a good idea to schedule it before you leave our provider’s office.)

Note: “retreatment” appointments are not to be confused with follow-up appointments, which usually happen a few weeks post-treatment. The purpose of a follow-up appointment is not to get re-treated, but rather, follow-ups are more of a touch-base with your provider to help ensure treatment results turned out as desired and to address any side effects.)

In our hectic lives, sometimes we forget the date of our last visit, or even what we had for breakfast. Thinking back on the last several months, you may realize that time flew by! Like any aesthetic regimen, your JUVÉDERM® treatments are super personal and customized to your aesthetic goals. For this reason, it’s essential to talk to your provider about appointments, scheduling, and everything else related to your treatment plan.