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Sun Damage

For years the damage of the sun went undermined. While it’s hard to constantly remember to put on more sunscreen, the time it takes to slather on another layer will be worth your skin’s time in the long run. The exposure to the sun is, in fact, the culprit of the wrinkles and aging that we notice happening on our faces and bodies.

As your skin is exposed to the sun, it soaks in a glowing bronze color, which is what people love. But, at the same time, the sun is breaking down the fibers in your skin that are known as elastin. As these fibers break, your skin will begin to lose its elasticity. This means that your skin will begin to sag. Your skin will also bruise and tear easier but will have a harder time healing.

Not only does exposure to the sun make your skin age at an increased rate, but it increases the chances you have of developing skin cancer. While skin cancer is known as one of the more curable forms of skin cancer, that isn’t always the case. Various types of skin cancer can develop from years of sun damage and can be incredibly difficult to cure.

While skin damage may be minimal while you’re young, the effects of overexposure will most certainly be noticeable as you age. Make an effort to minimize your chances sun damage by consistently applying sunscreen with a reasonable SPF. This will be determined on your location and the climate. If you are unsure of what type of sunscreen you should be wearing, contact Northshore Dermatology and ask about the brands and levels of SPF that they recommend for your skin type, and complexion.

The skin specialists at Northshore Dermatology can also provide more light on any of the questions that you have regarding sun damage or treatments that could help with skin damage from overexposure to the sun.