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Melanoma Skin Cancer

Northshore Dermatology makes an effort to keep our patients aware of the dangers of overexposure to the sun and the long-term effects, such as skin cancer. While skin cancer can usually be taken care of through a few procedures, Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer. Melanoma can be deadly, and is malignant, meaning that it spreads to other parts of the body if it isn’t taken care of.

Melanoma develops in or around moles, so noticing the change of color, size or shape of a mole on your body could be an indicator that your mole is developing into a cancerous melanoma mole. When detected in the early stages, Melanoma usually has a 100 percent chance of being cured, so it’s important that when you notice these differences, you schedule an appointment with your dermatologist at Northshore Dermatology.

To minimize the chances of skin cancer developing, our skin specialists recommend the use of high SPF sunscreen when in the sun for extended amounts of time. Even extended amounts of outside when the day is cool, or the sun is low can provide some of the most severe sunburns.

If you currently have a mole that is changing, contact Northshore Dermatology and schedule an appointment for one of our specialists to look at your mole. If your mole is cancerous, we can provide you with the highest quality of care so that you can take care of this as soon as possible. Don’t hold off treatment any longer!